Due to the availability of best-practice data from a wide range of sectors we are able to benchmark your procurement department in up to 200 aspects. The data is based on the global procurement study series which VALUENEER has carried out periodically since 2009. So far the study series has 2,400 participants from 93 countries operating in various industries with revenues ranging from less than €25m up to more than €1bn.

Based on the study series, new procurement frameworks have been developed which help professionals of all industries to find their way to more value creation in procurement. These frameworks are called Supply Value Management (SVM), Supply Infrastructure Management (SIM) and the Supply Value Maturity Model (SVMM). These are interlinked and the basis for the benchmark analysis at VALUENEER. While Supply Value Management describes how procurement can create value for a company, Supply Infrastructure Management places the spotlight on what a company requires to achieve this value creation. Finally, the Supply Value Maturity Model assesses whether a company’s procurement is rather seen as a basic internal service provider, a more mature value champion or something in between.


If you are interested in the methodology and content of the benchmarking of VALUENEER, you can have a look at the article in the Journal of Business Chemistry, which was prepared by VALUENEER employees in January 2015 and did benchmark companies from the Sector of Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare to other industry sectors. The article is available for download: