Dr Michael Debuschewitz

Dr Michael Debuschewitz is one of the Managing Directors at VALUENEER GmbH. He co-founded the company during his time as Member of the Executive Board of PPV AG.


He can look back on years of international experience and has successfully led large teams at high-profile companies in management and executive consulting.


Upon completing his Aeronautics and Space Engineering degree at the Technical University of Munich Michael Debuschewitz obtained his doctorate in Business Management and Machine Tool Engineering under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Milberg.


Dr Debuschewitz began his career as a consultant in logistics for producing companies at ifpconsulting.


He then moved to Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, where he completed numerous operations, supply chain management, procurement, PMI, and restructuring projects in the automotive and manufacturing industries.


Hereafter he was appointed as Managing Director of ZLU Consulting and Management. He later took over the chairmanship of this company.


As co-founder and Member of the Executive Board of PPV he was increasingly responsible for the development and promotion of procurement competencies.


Today, as Managing Director at VALUENEER he and his team focus entirely on procurement.