VALUENEER’s clients are mainly manufacturing companies from the industry and trade sectors with operations in the German speaking regions of Europe (DE, AT, CH). The typical company size ranges between EUR 50-500M revenue per year.

These companies’ procurement is usually already aimed at global sourcing and VALUENEER can leverage this approach with the VAllocation process in sourcing markets that are not limited to Europe.



VALUENEER engages in VAllocation® projects in several diverse sectors. As a result added value is created by the transfer of best-practice.

The benchmarking database of VALUENEER includes 2,400 companies from different industries and varying degrees of procurement performance and serves as an additional point of reference.


VALUENEER conducts optimization projects in the following industry sectors:


Consumer Goods

Chemical, Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

High Tech & Electronics

Mechanical Engineering


Retail and Wholesale

IT & Telecommunication

Paper and Print

Finance Sector

Recycling and Disposal

Transportation and Traffic

Steel and Construction

et al.