VALUENEER GmbH - Established as a brand in 2009

What Matters         

You deserve services that improve the value of your business. VALUENEER focuses on what matters. We only deliver what promises to add real value to your business.


With more than 15 years’ experience in procurement and through conducting the world’s most comprehensive procurement study series the managing directors and employees of VALUENEER are most competent partners in all procurement related questions regarding strategy, organization, processes, training and sustainability.


Following the successful conclusion of numerous projects and study series in procurement, VALUENEER realized the paramount process in procurement is tendering. In facilitating this knowledge, VALUENEER developed the VAllocation® process and applied it to great effect in client projects.



A service can only add real value to your business if it combines the right strategy with the right execution.

VALUENEER offers you both in one package. We will work with you to tailor the right procurement strategy for your company and will stay at your side until you have reached all of the goals that you have set yourself.

Excellent strategists rarely make effective operational managers – and vice versa. We recognize this simple truth and reflect it in the structuring of our teams, in which cunning strategic minds complement highly motivated and precise executors on the ground.



VALUENEER stands for excellence in procurement. Everything we do has one goal: to give you nothing but the best.

World-class procurement is only possible if one knows best practices in the field. It needs more than that though, top management outlook throughout is essential.

VALUENEER offers you both: a team with many years of practical experience in procurement and the strategic and conceptual skill of effective process and management consultants.



VALUENEER thinks like you do: like entrepreneurs. You will see this not only in our pragmatic and effective approach, it is also reflected in our performance based fees.


Execution professionals use VAllocation®

Procurement accounts for almost 50% of the cost of doing business. That gives it unparalleled importance for making a business profitable. Even though hundreds to thousands of potential suppliers exist around the world for many materials, companies usually identify only 5-15 suppliers and as a consequence often only receive 2-5 supplier bids.


VALUENEER remedies this weakness by deploying VAllocation®. Due to its high executional competence in combination with the VAllocation® approach, VALUENEER identifies the best supplier with maximum value added.