III. Global Procurement & SCM Study now online at Harvard Business Manager available

The III. Volume of the Global Procurement Study Series is now available for purchase at the Harvard Business Manager. The Study is overall unique due to its large size and broad scope, in terms of the number of participants, their countries of origin, industries covered and diverse participation by company size. It focusses on today`s top management relevant procurement topics, which were analyzed by a team with an outstanding expertise in procurement (Kellogg School of Management, 4 HBM publications).


II. Global Procurement (Leadership) Study now online at Harvard Business Manager available

In the II. Volume of the Global Procurement Study more than 1,000 participants from 67 countries, all industries and company sizes in terms of revenue did participate and make this study unique. The study analyzes current trends, the impact of the Fukushima catastrophe on procurement and introduces a new procurement specific framework, which was developed by a team with an outstanding expertise in procurement (ESSEC, 4 HBM publications). Additionally it covers the first relevant analysis of how the personality and leadership skills of a Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) influence a company’s procurement performance.


IV. Global Procurement &SCM Study – VALUENEER and Kellogg School of Management continue the World’s Most Extensive Procurement Study

VALUENEER starts 4th volume of World's biggest Global Procurement Study. The IV. Global Procurement & SCM Study is a follow up of the three biggest procurement studies ever conducted in 2009, 2011, and 2013 with about 2,400 participants from 94 countries and publications in the Harvard Business Manager. It is conducted by the Kellogg School of Management (one of the Top 5 Business Schools of the world), the American Purchasing Society, the International Chamber of Commerce and VALUENEER.


For the participation in the study follow the link below:


VALUENEER conducts Benchmark analysis for chemical industry and the Journal of Business Chemistry

VALUENEER managing director Dr. Thorsten Makowski and procurement expert Florian Walter did publish an article in the Journal of Business Chemistry. Using 3 by VALUENEER developed procurement specific models, the authors show the strengths and weaknesses of the procurement departments in the chemical industry in comparison to other industries. As one of the main results they show, that the value creation levers with significant potentials are cost, risk, and quality in procurement in the chemical industry. The article is available for download.


Harvard Business Manager - The new magic word in procurement

VALUENEER publishes article concerning its 3rd volume of worldwide biggest procurement study series in the German Harvard Business Manager, the renowned German management magazine (August 2014). The study was conducted in collaboration with the Kellogg School of Management (Chicago), one of the top 4 leading Business Schools worldwide, and shows, that sustainability is one of the major trends in procurement. Social and ecological correct behavior differentiates the best from the worse performing companies. Additionally the authors did examine the role of ethics in procurement and found out, that a higher level of fairness and ethical correct behavior are correlated with a higher performance. The article is available for download.


Tomorrow’s Markets – A Whistlestop Tour with the Wirtschaftswoche

VALUENEER and the Wirtschaftswoche are collaborating on a new 10-part series that introduces the up-and-coming markets of the future, which will be published in the 38/2012 to 47/2012 editions of the leading commercial paper. Our “Next Nine” markets offer the reader an exclusive ranking of the top growth markets still waiting under the radar – taking an insider’s look at the entrepreneurs who dare to take on the risks and promises of the high-risk markets who will dominate the business world of tomorrow. We raise the covers on their unique strategies, trip-ups along the way, and amazing success stories.

Harvard Business Manager – Procurement in Uncertain Times

VALUENEER tells the readers of the Harvard Business Manager how companies can respond effectively to the challenges of procurement in uncertain times. A recent study has revealed that many buyers have been caught unawares by the impact of recent natural disasters. Almost 40 percent of all companies neglect external risks, making them unprepared for the real emergency. Comprehensive risk management in procurement can be introduced in five simple steps.


Global Procurement Leadership Study – VALUENEER Publishes the World’s Most Extensive Procurement Study

Over 1000 managers from 67 countries around the globe took part in VALUENEER’s 2011/2012 study. The survey of procurement directors, CEOS, and other top executives represents the largest and most international study in the field of procurement to date. Its findings offer invaluable insights into current trends in procurement, the best procurement strategies, the ideal procurement manager, and many other relevant issues.

Harvard Business Manager – Savings in Procurement