Procurement Excellence

VALUENEER stands for excellence in procurement. Everything we do has one goal: to give you nothing but the best. This is even represented in one of our principles: VALUENEER strives for EXCELLENCE in everything it does.


World-class procurement is only possible if one knows best-practices in the field. It needs more than that though, top management outlook throughout is essential.


VALUENEER offers you both: a team with many years of practical experience in procurement and the strategic and conceptual skill of effective process and management consultants.


Excellent buyers know what creates value for a company. This is especially dependent on the right strategy and execution, and less on the specific industry sector.


VALUENEER conducts optimization projects in different industry sectors. By doing so an additional added value is created via the transfer of best-practices.


Around 2,400 companies from different industries are in our data base – due to that we are able to benchmark any company, no matter whether it is from an above average performing industry (e.g. Retail, Consumer Goods, Automotive) or another one.