VALUENEER means excellence in procurement.

VALUENEER means one source for strategy and execution.

VALUENEER means enterprise and flexibility.



Our people think like us: entrepreneurs with a commitment to excellence.

Our people are honest, authentic, and versatile. Our people are not all cut from the same mould. We add to and build on each other’s strengths.

We believe that real careers are a combination of passion, success, learning, and rewards. We appreciate each of these aspects.


WE are looking for you

We are ALWAYS looking for good personnel. We are always interested in your application.

We are looking for skilled buyers and procurement professionals.

We are looking for people who can envision strategies and execute them successfully. People who know how to reduce costs and establish excellent operations. Innovative minds and creative thinkers with a sound financial grounding.

We do not expect you to have all of these qualities at the same time.


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