VALUENEER stands for excellence in procurement. We deliver what promises to add real value to your business. 

VALUENEER - THE VALUE Creation Company

Situated in Berlin and since 2009 under the brand VALUENEER, the procurement experts of VALUENEER deliver maximum value creation for its customers.


VALUENEER strives for excellence and for the best results. Only thereby we can make sure, to accomplish the maximum value creation in our projects for the customer.


Only by doing so, it is possible to achieve in broad supplier markets on average 28%, and in narrow supplier markets 17%, cost reduction.


Our success is accomplished by not compromising on our process. Excellent employees with real procurement and tendering expertise in combination with a culture of excellence and giving feedback, are the basis, to accomplish maximum value creation for our customers.

We always act in unison with our firm values – Excellence, Truth and Trust – which function as fundamental columns for our corporate culture.

Procurement accounts for almost 50% of the costs of doing business. That gives it unparalleled importance for making business profitable. It is responsible for the selection of numerous suppliers, which creates relationships and dependencies, which influence important strategic aspects such as costs, flexibility and risk of a company.

The key to maximum value creation in procurement lies in tendering. Tendering is the process which defines with which suppliers our customers build long-term relations. Errors in the selection process are non-reversible in the following process. VALUENEER identifies in all strategic categories the best supplier with maximum value creation for its customers. This is only possible by a complete screening of the supplier market, the optimal allocation and an all-encompassing quality check. VALUENEER calls that VAllocation®.