Value creation and VAllocation®


The key to maximum value creation in procurement is tendering. VALUENEER delivers the best supplier and significantly increases the value creation via the complete screening of the relevant supplier market and the maximization of the handed in bids. At VALUENEER we call that VAllocation®.


Success = Analysis + Goal + Execution



Our projects start with an analysis of all relevant procurement aspects. Depending on data availability and data quality the analysis requires 4 to 8 weeks.


Due to the availability of best-practice data from a wide range of sectors we are able to benchmark your procurement department in up to 200 aspects. The data is based on the global procurement study series which VALUENEER has carried out periodically since 2009. So far the study series has 2,400 participants from 93 countries operating in various industries with revenues ranging from less than €25m up to more than €1bn.


Once the analysis is finished you receive a standardized, detailed and complete picture of your procurement environment. This includes strengths and weaknesses in comparison to the benchmark as well as a detailed illustration of all cost reduction potentials.


As a result you learn how much cost reduction potential exists in procurement, how to exploit it, the time it takes to utilize the potentials, the amount of resources that are necessary, which risks are to be considered and finally how we will support you to fully realize the potential.


We identify relevant material groups for which we are sure to be able to support you in such a way that both sides profit without taking large risks. This includes cost potentials added by other value creating aspects like quality, reliability, flexibility, sustainability, innovation, risk, capital, tax and infrastructure depending on your priorities.



For all material and service segments you receive the size of the cost reduction potential, the necessary execution time, execution effort, risk and prioritization.

In collaboration with VALUENEER specific target segments for optimization are selected and project goals are subsequently defined on the basis of results generated by the in-depth analysis of your procurement.


To reach an optimal allocation VALUENEER identifies virtually all potential suppliers in the pre-defined material segments by screening the entirety of the global supplier market for the respective segment.


VALUENEER will support the project until the final cost reduction is realized. At that point the optimal supplier is identified, successfully negotiated, contractually closed and a first delivery has been made that lives up to your quality expectation.


The execution of the project takes 3-12 months, depending on scope and complexity. ROI is typically achieved within 6 months in our projects.

If you would like to receive more information do not hesitate to contact us directly at or see the VAllocation® results yourself in the packaging material group example below.