January 2015 - A benchmarking study

Supply Value Management - A benchmarking study and a new theoretical approach show that procurement in the chemical, pharmaceutical and healthcare industry has only average performance


By Thorsten Makowski und Florian Walter

November 2014 - The Wealth of Western Regions will decrease 

The so called BRIC states used to threaten the western wealth - but by now they decrease in power again. However new emerging countries challenge the future prosperity of the western world. Managing Director Thorsten Makowski has been asked for his opinion in an interview by the WirtschaftsWoche about this developement.


Interview with Thorsten Makowski

August 2014 - The new magic word in procurement

What is the biggest difference between good and bad managed procurement departments? Their dealing with sustainability. An international study shows why ecological and social exemplary suppliers bring far more than just a good image.


By Thorsten Makowski, Sunil Chopra, Florian Walter

October 2013 - Bye, Bye China

The wages increase - China looses slowly its role as the cheap world manufacturer for the western world. What are strategies of German companies against this development and how do supply chains change, these are the topics of this article. "There is not one single country, that replaces China as a sourcing region in terms of quantitiy and quality", says Managing Director of VALUENEER Thorsten Makowski.


Interview Thorsten Makowski

January 2013 - Success factor procurement

Within the financial crisis many companies did not exploit additional saving potentials. A large-scale study shows how you still even today can reduce costs without effects on security of supply.


By Thorsten Makowski, Florian Walter

October 2012 - Reach in resources and cheap - The sourcing markets or tomorrow

The sheer size of China attracts investors. However the strong growth of the country is at its end. Who wants to be successful tomorrow, has to look for new sourcing regions. In a study exclusively for the German WirtschaftsWoche, managing director of VALUENEER Thorsten Makowski identified the future sourcing markets with the highest potential.


By Thorsten Makowski

May 2012 - Procurement in insecure times

The effects of the recent natural disaster caught many procurement departments off guard, as an international study demonstrates. As almost 40 per cent of the companies set aside the management of external risks, they are insufficiently prepared for the case of emergency. Thereby a comprehensive risk management for procurement can be established in five steps.


By Thorsten Makowski, Felix Papier, Florian Walter

March 2012 - The end of non -integrated solutions

Companies lack a holistic supplier management. Isolated solutions are existent but seldom cover the entire process chain of procurement. Especially the integration of risk management as part of the supplier management process is going to be a short to midterm challenge in procurement departments.


By Florian Walter, Ralf Dillmann 

September 2011 - Procurement in 21st century in the chemical, pharmaceutical and healthcare industry

Most companies in the Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare industry have a procurement performance below average, which in turn means a disadvantage compared to other industries. These companies are not able to realize their existing cost reduction potentials in procurement.


By Thorsten Makowski, Michael Clauß

October 2010 - Manager do not value procurement enough

Many companies did miss to exploit cost saving potentials in procurement during the financial crisis. Although

if the current trends and best-practices are considered, many potentials can be deployed.


By Thorsten Makowski


technik+Einkauf - Issue 05 / 2010 / October / VKZ67503

August 2010 - Procurement in the 21st Century 

Considering current developments as globalization, technical advancement and severe crisis' the question

arises, whether procurement is sufficient prepared for the future? Where are future potentials and which 

future trends have to be considered?


By Thorsten Makowski, Michael Clauß

August 2010 - Procurement: The way to save costs

Due to lower material costs, the German companies could currently save around 4% costs. This is the result of a study conducted by VALUENEER in cooperation with the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce). 



August 5/2010

August 2010 - A New Century for Purchasing
Globalization, profound crisis, new technological developments - these are the trends that are shaping business today. But where does procruement stand in light of thes developements? Where is there potential and which trends must be urgently addressed?Consultancy VALUENEER set out to answer these questions with its Global Procurement Study, in which more than 790 companies within all areas of industry from 62 countries participated.

By Thorsten Makowski, Florian Walter


CHEManager Europe 7-8 2010

July 2010 - Thinking global, strengthen procurement 

Gobalization, financial crisis, new technologies - is procurement prepared for those challenges? Which trends have to be faced? Those questions were the starting point for VALUENEER to conduct an in terms of number of participants unique study.


By Thorsten Makowski


July 4 / 2010 ZulierferMarkt für Konstrukteure und technische Einkäufer

July 2010 - Potentials in procurement lie idle

Weltweit sind die Unternehmen bemüht, die Folgen der Krise zu lindern. Mit mehr oder weniger Erfolg werden neue Konzepte initiiert. Erhebliches Einsparpotenzial steckt offenbar noch in der jeweiligen Einkaufsstrategie. So jedenfalls das Ergebnis einer globalen Studie von Valueneer.

By Thorsten Makowski, Florian Walter  Autombil Industrie - Issue 4 / 2010 - B 30470

July 2010 - How to save

On the one side the financial crisis did strengthen the negotiation power of buyers, but on the other side only few procurement departments could exploit cost saving potentials. This is due to the fact, that most companies did shorten working hours or even fire procurement personnel. This leads to too few people working in procurement with too low qualifications. As a result tendering, which represents a large lever to lower costs, is conducted to infrequent.

By Thorsten Makowski


Profits - Das Unternehmermagazin der Berliner Sparkasse - Heft 4 July /August 2010 

May 2010 - Buyers loose the overview

In many medium sized companies procurement has a low standing. It is therefor not rare, that the clerk or head of production just orders what he needs - and the boss pays. The biggest problem is, that most managers do not appreciate or ignore the potential that an efficient procurement department would offer, states managing director of VALUENEER Thorsten Makowski. 


Interview Thorsten Makowski

Mai 2010 - Potential not fully exploited

Most companies struggle to exploit cost saving potentials in procurement. Additional short term potentials due to the financial crisis were as well not fully exploited. The reasons for this are a lack of qualified buyers, while especially strategic important jobs stay vacant in procurement.


By Thorsten Makowski, Michael Clauß

2/3 2010 - Procurement - status quo, quo vadis

Is procurement currently well prepared under consideration of globalization, new technical developments and (financial)crisis? Where do companies source within the next years? Those and further questions are answered in this article and the presented study by VALUENEER.


By Thorsten Makowski, Michael Clauß


sourcing asia - Magazine für procurement, production and cooperation - ISSN 1865-0619

April 2010 - Saving with Procurement

Within the financial crisis many companies did not exploit additional saving potentials. A large-scale study shows how you still even today can reduce costs without effects on security of supply.


By Thorsten Makowski, Florian Walter

April 2010 - Shoppingtour with Strategy

Companies all over the world are trouble to mitigate the effects of the crisis – to a greater or lesser extent new concepts are initiated. Significant saving potential lies in each of their procurement strategies. This is the result of a global study conducted by VALUENEER.


By Thorsten Makowski, Florian Walter

April 2010 - Companies ask for help in procurement 

Classic procurement consultants are at its end. Managing Director Thorsten Makowski explains in an interview

with German Newspaper Handelsblatt, that procurement consulting firms are nonetheless increasing in

importance. But to be of value for the customer, strategic skills, market knowledge and a strong

implementation expertise are needed.


By Thorsten Makowski


Handelsblatt 28.04.2010, Nr. 81

January 2010 - Procurement and Purchasing (Book only available in German)

Das Studienmaterial umfasst die Themen Einkauf und Beschaffung. Insbesondere in der klassischen Materialwirtschaft stellen dies beiden Aufgaben einen Schwerpunkt dar. Die Kapitel sind wie folgt Entscheidung über den Beschaffungsumfang, Strategischer Einkauf, Operativer Einkauf und Beschaffungslogistik.


By Thorsten Makowski, Prof. Dr. Stephan Seeck


AKAD - Textbook LPM603